"Sopranos, your higher notes are the money makers, and right now, you're making pocket change!"

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"Now, let’s talk about Satan."

- my ear training professor, while talking to the chorale

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Hello choir clowns!

I haven’t been posting much because last week was midterms week, but I promise I’ll get some fun things up for you once class starts rolling again!

As always, if you have any questions about being a music major/auditioning for college that you’d like to ask me, I’m always checking the ask box!

Keep singing!

Oboe babe

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Hello Choir Clowns!

I’m back for the moment and hopefully will be back for a while.

Now, onto business. As you all know this blog is growing by the day (we nearly have 550 followers) and as we get bigger, we need more admins. We are looking for preferably basses and altos, as we currently have two sopranos and a tenor, but don’t be put off by that. Sopranos and tenors can still apply. I should mention that to be an admin you MUST have both Facebook and tumblr. You must have tumblr so I can add you to the blog, and you must have Facebook as this is where we socialize as admins, get to know one another and make decisions. If you would like to apply please click the link below and follow the instructions.


Choir Jokes xx

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Two questions: Is Choir Jokes ok, and do you know when (or if) she's coming back?

— Anonymous

She’s taking a break for an indeterminate amount of time, and as far as I know, she’s doing well!

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In sectionals our conductor was looking at the music like it was hard to read. Tenors: It's hard to read, isn't it? Conductor: No I've got a cold but it's in my eyes and they keep running. The king of bad jokes tenor: Maybe you should hide their trainers then.

— Anonymous

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Shit my director says: Virgeeeeene not vir-gin & tonic!! An attempt to alter some terrible pronunciation...

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CHOIR CLOWNS! I am FINALLY coming to you with my 500 follower surprise-thingy. I’m going to post a video of my davidge choir singing at the dinner thing we sang at this evening- I do not have the recording in my possession yet but when I do I will post it!!!

Keep singing!

xx Prima Donna

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"I’m just going to talk slow and bullshit my way through this speech, guys."

- My choir director at the dinner we sang at tonight. One of our basses was late and she had to make her introductory speech super long so he could warm up!

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Shit my Director says: Wonderful, Sopranos. Just dial down the vibrato a little bit so we don't sound like dying cats and you'll be absolutely perfect! That's how you hit notes, Basses.

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