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Love it. I sang it with my choir two years ago.

I love it so much, it’s definitely a favourite piece of mine, and the tenor line is so much fun to sing, especially the first tenor ascending crescendo in bar 19, with the fortissimo in bar 20.

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Bogoroditsye Dyevo
Sergei Rachmaninov

And now, for the 100th post here on Choir Jokes, even though we’re not quite at 500 followers, but 446 is good enough, I would like to present my choir. The same choir I sing with every week, who I went to Canada with, and who are like a family to me. The song is Bogoroditsye Dyevo by Sergei Rachmaninov.

I hope you love this recording as much as I do. It was taken in the houses of parliament in Victoria, and I hope you can appreciate the beauty of the sound. In this I’m singing tenor.


Choir Jokes xx

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How would you guys feel if I became just a choir blog? I would still keep the URL, but I would be a general choir blog, rather than specifically focused on jokes, we would post things like choir problems, choral music (perhaps a ‘choral piece of the month’), as well as the usual Shit Directors Say and choir jokes. This blog has grown so much within the past 6 months, and that makes me so happy that there are so many choir clowns out there, and I want this blog to keep growing, so show people that choirs really are amazing, and I want to expand the blog, to bring in more people to our family. I want to be able to have more admins and to be and to be able to have giveaways for you guys and things like that, but most of all, I want you all to be happy with the direction this blog goes in. Because it’s little things like having somebody in my choir ask if I knew the blog Choir Jokes, and I almost said “YES, YES I RUN THAT BLOG” before I contained myself and just nodded. Little things like that just make my day. It’s for those little things that I run this blog. I love doing it, I love doing it for all of you, so I want to know,

Are you with me for this?

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Choir problem 

When your human tuning fork (that one person with perfect pitch) leaves the choir and you have to buy an actual tuning fork

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this isn’t a quote from a director, but an upperclassman in the music department:

"have you guys met the Superstar Soprano of your grade yet? no? just wait til the first recital. you’ll know."

~oboe babe

(p.s. I’m in college!!!! aaaaahhh!!!!)

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What’s the difference between a soprano and a terrorist?

You can negotiate with a terrorist.

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So now I’m sitting in Heathrow Airport waiting for my flight I’ll post a few jokes and some shit directors say

Choir Jokes xx

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Can we take a moment to appreciate "Lamentations of Jeremiah" by Stroope

— Anonymous

I’m afraid I’ve never heard that piece. I will youtube it immediately!!

Choir Jokes xx

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John Rutter writes the most amazing pieces for choir. Especially when you sing in a church with long reverberant sound.

— Anonymous

Aren’t they gorgeous?! As you can see, I sing a lot of Rutter, and the only piece of his I’ve ever truly hated is Magnificat, but not because of the sound, but because the tenors are at soprano pitch! Other than that I absolutely love Rutter. My top 5 composers have to be John Rutter, Eric Whitacre, Guy Turner, Alexander L’estrange and Peter Gritton.

Keep Singing!

Choir Jokes xx

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