"Girls imagine you’re hanging up your washing! Now imagine you’re pregnant. The baby is kicking and you need yo hang up your washing and peg it down. Now sing that note!"

- Shit directors say

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do you have any of these in your choirs? i can spot quite a few of my friends in here!

do you have any of these in your choirs? i can spot quite a few of my friends in here!

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Hello choir clowns!

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days, when I transferred things to my new computer I lost some of my more recent documents. Unfortunately, that included the post ideas and pictures I had saved up.

Not to worry, I’ll find something!

~Oboe babe

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If you are from Parksville, Canada (or nearby), message me by Friday! I have a surprise for you from Choir Jokes!

~oboe babe

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Hey Choir Clowns!

Your admin, Choir Jokes, is leaving for her trip now. She sends you all her love and she’ll be back in two weeks!

Until then, me and Prima Donna run this blog ;)

Keep singin!

~oboe babe

Edit: I’m staying at a university and will have access to computers, so I’ll probably check in at some point. As Oboe Babe said, I love you all, and keep singing!

Choir Jokes xx

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When we were practicing the "Oooh yeah"s in "Bohemian Rhapsody" our director said: "Well actually ... you're not able to "ooh yeah" properly. You're too young to "ooh yeah". A good "ooh yeah" has something sexual in it."

— Anonymous

That’s perfect oh my god

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"It’s OUR, not ARE. We aren’t the pirate choir."

- Submitted by maetelleab

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Hey Choir Clowns!

Prima Donna here. :) I’m currently making a playlist of favorite choir pieces, which will then be burnt onto a CD as a gift for my lovely choir director.. So I’m looking for input! What are some of your favorite choir works? Submit some!

As always, keep singing!
-prima donna

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"Clear as mud?"

- probably every director ever, but my 75 year old choir director

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How can you separate tenors from basses?

Hold up a mirror. The ones who come running are the tenors.

-Oboe Babe

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