"Tenors! It’s a man’s line. Wait…"


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Hey choir clowns!!

Today was my first week back at choir for the year yay! We have twelve tenors. Twelve tenors! It’s a record! Gonna make an effort to learn the newbie tenors’ names this year… Although all the newbie sopranos assumed I was an alto, all the newbie altos assumed I was a soprano, and this a genuine conversation that happened with one of the newbie tenors after we had warmed up and told to sit down. We were on the other side of the room to the tenors.

Him: So which way are you going?
Me: *points towards other side of room* that way
Him: Ok, I’ll walk with you. So you’re a soprano?
Me: Tenor.
Him: Oh. No no not that there’s anything wrong with it.
Me: It’s fine. Hello I’m Jim (my choir nickname) and I’m a female tenor.

I thought that was quite amusing. I’ll post some of the shit my director said over the weekend. Right now I’m tired and ill. There’s been a bug going round, so I’m going to sleep.

Night all, and keep singing!
Choir Jokes xxx

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My school music lesson summed up in one photo.

Choir Jokes xx

My school music lesson summed up in one photo.

Choir Jokes xx

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Hey choir clowns! Prima Donna here! I thought since the main admin shared her choir story, I would share mine. Enjoy!

I joined my school choir when I was 8 years old, in 3rd grade, simply for fun. At the time, I didn’t realize that the music department of our school would quickly become my whole life… I fell in love with singing.  I sang the soprano part (i still do- soprano 1’s for the win!) and it was my favorite part of the school day, even if it meant giving up my lunch time on certain days. I continued to sing in my school choir into middle school, but things changed in 6th grade. The current choir director was also the band director, and made choir an extremely horrible experience for me. I love singing. It’s pretty hard to make choir a bad experience for me, but low and behold, this  woman did it. So start of 7th grade year, I dropped choir. (It gets better, I promise!!!) About half way through the year, a good friend of mine and myself had started a petition to keep funding for the arts programs, because my school district was discussing cutting some of our music programs, and being part of the theatre and orchestra program, I was not going to let that happen. We brought the petition to the choir room, to ask the new choir director to sign it, and she did. We stayed to watch their rehearsal, and I have never felt the same positive energy in that room anywhere else. It was amazing. I believe they were singing Peace I Leave With You and I had a smile the entire time. As soon as their rehearsal ended, I rejoined choir. Our new choir director, who we’ll call Mrs. E, was the kindest person I had ever met and you could tell she loved her job and was really willing to put in so much work to make this choir sound great and she did. Not only did I have the greatest choir/singing experience of my life in her choir, but I became great friends with her and she is one of the few people i can confide in when I have personal problems or need some advice. We truly were a choir family. My 8th grade year in her choir was my favorite, I practically LIVED in the choir room and we sang a lot of great music. If it weren’t for her and that petition, i might not be in choir today (gasp) so I am forever grateful for this woman and her fabulous choir! She is no longer my choir director, as I’ve moved on to high school, but I still see her once a week and my new choir is just as amazing! Choir has become a gigantic part of my life and it really is, like the admin mentions, an escape. 

As always, keep singing!

Prima Donna xx

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So, as promised, this is my choir story.

I was 12 when I started singing in choirs properly. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, but didn’t start singing properly until the October after my 12th birthday when I joined my local children’s choir. At first my parents weren’t too big on it, and had me arrange for friends to take me home from choir, which I did, until I invited my mum to one of our concerts, and she realised I was serious about singing as part of this choir. It just so happened that our pianist was also one of the conductors of another, older choir, and in the summer of my 13th birthday, we had a concert with them, and the older ones of us (the almost 13/13 year old’s, aka, those old enough to actually be members of the older choir, which ranges from 13 to 19) were invited onto a residential with the older choir, which I went on. I sang alto and the other girls who went sang soprano. During the concert the conductor signaled to the soprano girls and mentioned that they were from a younger choir and were doing well to have put their folders down and be remembering the music, and he didn’t signal to me. After the concert I went to the director and said jokingly “You didn’t point at me, does that mean I’m part of the choir now?” and he gave me a reply I wasn’t expecting, which was “I really hope so. You’re more than welcome to come back in September if you want to.” and so I did. I went back that September, and I also stuck with the children’s choir, because even into my 14th year, when I was technically too old, they needed more voices, and it was there I got my first solo, which was the Miss Honey solo in ‘When I Grow Up’ from Matilda the Musical. I also got the solo of the second verse of ‘I’d Do Anything’ from Oliver! which I performed on the same day as another concert with the older choir. I think from there you know the rest. I was an alto until March 2014, and then I transferred to tenor. I went to Canada this summer, where I got my first solo as a tenor which also happened to be the first solo in the older choir, which I’m still a member of. The older choir is my current choir.

I love my current choir, they’re my best friends and my family. They’re the people I turn to when things get rough. For me, choir is my escape from the real world. I am not going to lie to you, because I started choir as an escape. When I started singing as part of a choir I didn’t have all that many friends, my parents were getting a divorce and I didn’t have much to look forward to. Now when I think ‘I don’t have many friends’ I stop myself, and I think about choir, and then I think ‘Actually, yeah, I do. And they’re the best friends I ever could have wished for.’

Choir Jokes xx

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I want to start a section of this blog which is quite near and dear to my heart, and probably to yours too. I want to start posting choral testimonies, aka, your choir stories. I’m happy to start with mine, which will be published in due course, but I’d love to hear yours too. Send it as a submission or a multipart ask, or even as a fanmail, and if you would like it posted anonymously, just let us know, and we will.

In other news: I have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a whole new layout to the blog, making it easier to navigate and find what you want.

For those of you interested last night’s concert went amazingly well, and it was great to see all my Canada friends again, and spend my time on stage trying not to laugh and trying not to cry (although I was at the back, I could be seen because I was stood on a platform and also wearing mascara!). There was a hint of magic in the air last night, and in that hour and a half, I was so proud the I could call those people my friends, and my family.

Keep Singing!

Choir Jokes xx

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So about an hour ago I posted a choir prank, and funny story, that choir prank actually happened to me.

Last night we had a private event that we had been asked to sing at as a surprise for the guest of honour, and because we were told about it whilst we were in Canada, I (along with others) assumed it was just the Canada choir singing, and only 4 tenors (including myself) went to Canada. So I was under the impression that only 4 of us would be at the event, and I had asked the others if they were going to be there and they confirmed that, yes, they would be at both yesterday’s and tonight’s concerts (tonight is our Return From Canada concert) then yesterday 2 hours before were due to be at the concert I got a Facebook message from my section leader saying that neither he nor the other really strong tenor could make it to either concert, so it was just going to be me and the other (weakest) tenor. I then started panicking, until my section leader told me that it was a joke, and it turned out we had 11 tenors last night. Everybody was amazed that we had so many tenors.

Keep singing!
Choir Jokes xx

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Choir Prank 

Have the whole section in on it so if the victim tries to check, they’ll get the agreed response, and tell one member of your section that only 2/3/4 of you are going to be at a concert then watch them panic.

This prank works best on the day of a concert, and optimal time is 1-3 hours before you are due to be there.

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Choral singers worst nightmare 

*contacts section members who know what they’re doing* “are you coming to the _________ concert?”
Every section member: “no.”
Rest of section: “we’re screwed”

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How many tenors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Five: one to actually do it and four to complain that it’s too high. 

Submitted by Anonymous

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